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Required Rank Quest List
File:Rank 06 staff sergeant.gif Mobile Suit Chronicle Quests
Rank 01 trainee.gif Trainee Quests
Rank 02 private.gif Private Quests
Rank 03 private first class.gif Private First Class Quests
Rank 04 corporal.gif Corporal Quests
File:Rank 05 sergeant.gif Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 06 staff sergeant.gif Staff Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 07 lance sergeant.gif Lance Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 08 master sergeant.gif Master Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 09 sergeant major.gif Sergeant Major Quests
File:Rank 10 warrant officer.gif - File:Rank 21 general of the army.gif Warrant Officer - General of the Army Quests

  • The quests are listed as they are ordered by tabs ingame, based on the KR version. You must be the rank listed to do quests in a given tab.
  • Certain quests have prerequisites, so if you cannot perform a quest, try clearing the ones that come before it in that section.
  • Quests from Private to Sergeant must be done in the Beginner channel. These quests will not activate in the Expert channel.
  • Unit Type Training: On 1st tab last mission of Tutorial tab with Aile Strike Gundam picture.
  • Weapon Training: On 2nd tab first mission of Tutorial tab with Gundam Ground Type picture.
  • Terrain Training: On 2nd tab second mission of Tutorial tab with Gundam Exia picture.
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