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Required Rank Quest List
File:Rank 06 staff sergeant.gif Mobile Suit Chronicle Quests
File:Rank 01 trainee.gif Trainee Quests
File:Rank 02 private.gif Private Quests
File:Rank 03 private first class.gif Private First Class Quests
File:Rank 04 corporal.gif Corporal Quests
File:Rank 05 sergeant.gif Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 06 staff sergeant.gif Staff Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 07 lance sergeant.gif Lance Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 08 master sergeant.gif Master Sergeant Quests
File:Rank 09 sergeant major.gif Sergeant Major Quests
File:Rank 10 warrant officer.gif - File:Rank 21 general of the army.gif Warrant Officer - General of the Army Quests

  • The quests are listed as they are ordered by tabs ingame, based on the KR version. You must be the rank listed to do quests in a given tab.
  • Certain quests have prerequisites, so if you cannot perform a quest, try clearing the ones that come before it in that section.
  • Quests from Private to Sergeant must be done in the Beginner channel. These quests will not activate in the Expert channel.
  • Unit Type Training: On 1st tab last mission of Tutorial tab with Aile Strike Gundam picture.
  • Weapon Training: On 2nd tab first mission of Tutorial tab with Gundam Ground Type picture.
  • Terrain Training: On 2nd tab second mission of Tutorial tab with Gundam Exia picture.
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