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Unit s nu gundam.png Unit Number 0311
Topography Versatile
Movement Hovering/Hovering
Shield Yes/Yes
Video Youtube (Pre-OC)
Youtube (Custom Parts)
Fighter Type Medium-range
Faction 1 Londo Bell
Faction 2 Earth Federation Forces (UC 0093)
Capsule Machine Custom Capsule Machine Mix Plans
in Shop
CH No No Yes No
HK No No Yes No
KR No No Yes Shop
NA No No Yes Shop
SEA Item No Yes Shop
TW No No Yes No
Nu Gundam
Weapon 1

Damage melee.gifClose-range AttackThis weapon does close-range damage.

Weapon saber.gif Large Beam Saber
Ammo N/A Melee Range Standard 4 hits to knockdown.
Reload Rate N/A Reload Type N/A
Weapon 2

Damage beam long.gifLong-range Beam AttackThis weapon does long-range beam damage.

Weapon mega beam.gif Beam Rifle
Ammo 8 Range Medium-Long Penetrates.
Reload Rate Medium Reload Type Gradual
Weapon 3

Damage beam.gifBeam AttackThis weapon does beam damage.

Weapon remote.gif Fin Funnels
Ammo 6 Range Medium Remote Weapon.
Reload Rate Long Reload Type Magazine
Fin Funnel Barrier [1][2]
Weapon 1

Damage beam mid.gifMedium-range Beam AttackThis weapon does medium-range beam damage.

Weapon beam rifle.gif Beam Cannon
Ammo 10 Range Medium None.
Reload Rate Long Reload Type Gradual
Weapon 2

Damage shell mid.gifMedium-range Ballistic AttackThis weapon does medium-range ballistic damage.

Weapon bazooka.gif Hyper Bazooka
Ammo 12 Range Medium Splash Damage.
Reload Rate Long Reload Type Gradual
Skill 1 Skill 2 Nu Gundam Special Fin Funnel Barrier Special

Skill defense up.gifDefense UpThe unit's defense is increased.
Defense Up

Skill psychoframe.gifPsycoframeWhen the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's movement speed is increased, boost duration is slightly increased, enemy positions are shown on the radar, and the unit's funnel weapon has its attack damage and reload rate increased.

Skill special attack ranged.gifSpecial Attack (Ranged)This unit can execute a medium-range special attack capable of hitting up to four opponents. This special will do slightly reduced damage to an opponent for each additional opponent hit by the special.
Special Attack (Ranged)

Skill special attack melee.gifSpecial Attack (Melee)This unit can execute a close-range special attack capable of hitting one target.
Special Attack (Melee)

Used/involved as part in:
Mixed From:
Unit bs re-gz bws.png
Keyunit.png Level 7
Unit b dijeh.png
Unit b gundam mk-ii aeug.png
Gundam Mk-II (AEUG)
Unit b gundam alex.png
Gundam "Alex"
Unit b gundam.png
  1. In Fin Funnel Barrier Mode, Nu Gundam will be highly resistant to ranged beam attacks. This includes funnel-type weaponry.
  2. You may only change to Fin Funnel Barrier Mode when you have full ammo on your Fin Funnels.
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