Neue Ziel

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Unit s neue ziel.png Stat s neue ziel.jpg Unit Number 031
Fighter Type Unit rank rock 5.gif
Topography Space
Movement Hovering/Hovering
Shield No / No
Capsule N/A
Mix Plans Shop
Video N/A

Melee Mode Ammo: Range: Reload Rate: Other Attributes:
Weapon 1 Weapon saber.gif Beam Sabers N/A Short N/A 5 hits to knockdown.
Can hit up to 8 times.
Weapon 2 Weapon fist.gif Heavy Claw Arm 1 Short Fast 2-part attack.
Last hit knocks down.
Weapon 3 Weapon fist.gif Shoulder Tackle 1 Medium Medium Dash attack.
Inflicts Stun ailment.

Ranged Mode Ammo: Range: Reload Rate: Other Attributes:
Weapon 1 Weapon beam rifle.gif Mega Particle Cannons 3 Medium Fast Quadruple shot.
Weapon 2 Weapon mega beam.gif Mega Cannon 1 Long Medium Knocks down. Penetrates.
Immobile while firing.

Skill 1 Skill 2 Melee Special Ranged Special

Skill i-field.gifI-FieldThe unit's defense against beam weaponry is greatly increased.

Skill spirit of zeon.gifSpirit of ZeonWhen the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's defense, agility, and special attack damage are increased and the team's attack is greatly increased.
Spirit of Zeon

Skill special attack melee.gifSpecial Attack (Melee)This unit can execute a close-range special attack capable of hitting one target.
Special Attack (Melee)

Skill special attack beam.gifSpecial Attack (Beam)This unit can execute a sustained beam special attack capable of hitting multiple opponents. However, unlike melee or ranged specials, enemies are not locked into the special animation and can be attacked while being hit by a beam special.
Special Attack (Beam)

Used/involved as part in:

  • None

Mixed From:

Unit bs gp02a physalis.png
GP-02A "Physalis"
Keyunit.png Custom 1
Unit b gp01 zephyranthes.png
GP-01 "Zephyranthes"
Unit b gelgoog marine.png
Gelgoog Marine
Unit b xamel.png
Unit bu gundam ground type beam rifle.png
Gundam Ground Type (Beam Rifle) (BU)
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