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Game News

New Units to be released (Updated 8/20):

Patch News (Updated 8/20)
  • New Unit Skill - Dual Ignition (Acguy/Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom)): When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's damage, defense, and mobility are increased. Acguy mode reload rates are increased and Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom) mode attack speed is increased.
  • New Unit Skill - Dual Ignition (Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom)/Acguy): When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's damage, defense, and mobility are increased. Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom) mode attack speed is increased and Acguy mode reload rates are increased.
  • New Unit Skill - Mirage Colloid System: When the unit's health drops below 35% the unit's defense is decreased. The unit is also fully cloaked when standing still, partially cloaked when walking, and not cloaked when boosting.
  • New Unit Skill - NT-D (Full Armor Unicorn): Unit's movement speed and search distance are increased. The unit also redirects nearby enemy funnels to attack their original users.
  • New Unit Skill - Range Up: The unit's search distance and weapon range are increased.
  • New Unit Plans - Perfect Strike Gundam, Rig Contio, and Victory 2 Gundam.
  • New Capsule Machine - 78
Event News (Updated 4/12)

Gold, silver, and bronze capsule event

  • Open different tiers of capsules to
  • Available in gold capsules
  • Available in silver capsules
    • Hildolfr 3 slot at level 1
    • 2-4 Hildolfr coupons
  • Available in bronze capsules
    • 1-3 Hildolfr Coupons
    • 1x 1000 exp item (empty)
Balance Changes (Updated 8/20)

Skill Changes

  • Hyper Mode EX: Booster recovery rate and capacity decreased and the combined defense effect has been removed.

Unit Changes

  • God Gundam + Fuunsaiki and Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki: Hyper Mode booster capacity decreased.
  • Masurao
    • Unit's attack decreased and defense increased.
    • Melee Dash Combo bullet zero effect removed.
  • Enhanced ZZ Gundam
    • Hyper Beam Saber attack speed decreased and effects changed.
    • Missile Launcher attack speed, ammo, and reload rate decreased.
    • Double Beam Rifle (High Output) attack speed and reload rate decreased.
  • Gundam Epyon: MA Mode Special changed from Melee to Dash Special.
  • Hyaku Shiki Kai
    • Mode 1 weapon 2 damage and attack speed increased.
    • Mode 2 weapon 2 weapon type changed from medium to long-range. Damage, range, and hitbox size increased. Reload rate, ammo, and attack speed decreased. Now has beam penetration. Beam trajectory modified.
  • Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai
    • Beam Sabers: Can hit up to 5 times.
    • Long Mega Buster: Range increased.
  • Dreadnought Gundam and X Astray: Weapon 1 range and forward striking range increased. Effects changed. Weapon 3 reload rate increased.
  • GM II (AEUG):
  • GM II (Titans):
    • Weapon 1 attack speed and forward distance increased, animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 3 changed to Melee Combo from Vulcans
  • GM Cannon and GM Cannon (CU): Skill Defense Up changed to Special Attack Awakening.
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased and animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 2 range increased.
  • Rising Gundam
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased, animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 3 changed to Beam Bow (High Output) from Vulcans.
  • R-Jarja
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased.
    • Weapon 3 forward distance and reload rate increased and damage decreased.
  • Astray Blue Frame Second L: Skill Auto-Lockon Jammer changed to Mobility Up

From 7/23

  • ZnO
    • Skill 2 changed to Latent Potential from Defense Up.
Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 4/23)

New Units now available:

Patch News (Updated 7/25)]
  • Item Capsule Machine 1 and 2 removed.
Balance Changes
Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 7/25)
  • Server Fix:
    • Megaphone issue has been resolved and working correctly now
    • PvP Room names can support up to 20 characters
  • Text Fixes:
    • BB Senshi Units Have been Renamed

Wiki News

  • September 7th, 2014: I would like to ask all users that after adding units to a category, such as a rank or a faction, to perform a null edit. Just click edit and save the page without making any changes. Other than that, a list of units by fighter type might be a thing in the future.
--Blankbro (talk) 11:43, 7 September 2014 (CDT)

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Shoot Everything, Kill Everyone, Practice Invading Earth: featuring Gafran.

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