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Unit Info Pages

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Game News

New Units to be released (Updated 4/18):

Patch News (Updated 3/20)
Event News (Updated 4/12)

Gold, silver, and bronze capsule event

  • Open different tiers of capsules to
  • Available in gold capsules
  • Available in silver capsules
    • Hildolfr 3 slot at level 1
    • 2-4 Hildolfr coupons
  • Available in bronze capsules
    • 1-3 Hildolfr Coupons
    • 1x 1000 exp item (empty)
Balance Changes (Updated 3/19)

Unit Changes

Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 3/19)

New Units now available:

Patch News (Updated 4/17)
  • Merged Channels - Training Channel and Beginners Channel have now merged together.
  • Auto-Join and Ladder system
  • New mission to be added - Scenario Mission - Winds of Jaburo
  • New System "Unit Combination"
  • New custom parts
Balance Changes (Updated 4/17)

Unit Changes

Skill Changes

  • Stand Up to the Victory (Assault Buster): No longer increases reload rates.
  • Wild Bear of Russia: Damage reduction from the skill has been reduced.
  • Armure Lumiere: Skill activation HP decreased to 60% and beam defense decreased.
  • Mercenary Spirit: This skill now also increases the unit's mobility when active.

Map Changes:

  • The respawn locations on the following maps have been adjusted:
    • Ruin City
    • Gundam Fight
    • Basin Fort II
    • Arizona Base
    • Colony Laser
    • Colony Laser II
    • Kurgis Battlefield
  • Colony Laser, Colony Laser II: The durability of the pillars on this map have been increased.

Wiki News

  • July 14th, 2013: Work on the new unit page layout has been completed and will be what we're going to use from here on out for new unit releases. For older units, we'll gradually convert them to the new format accordingly. Take a look, on the Freedom Gundam (HiMAT Burst Mode) page!
--ShanaMia (talk) 01:52, 15 July 2013 (CDT)

Featured Screenshot/Image

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How is your mr.johnson now?

Featured Media

Shoot Everything, Kill Everyone, Practice Invading Earth: featuring Gafran.

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