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Unit Info Pages

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Game News

New Units to be released (Updated 9/19):

Patch News (Updated 9/24)
  • Web parts units will be Level 3, two slots instead of Level 1, two slots
Event News (Updated 9/23)
Balance Changes (Updated 9/24)

Unit Changes

Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 9/24)
  • Africa Desert, Colony Laser, Neo Tokyo, Colony City, Colony Laser II, Ruin City, Ruin City II, Arizona Base, Gundam Fight, Desert P.S., AEU Drill Field, Krugis Battlefield, and Gibraltar Airspace: Ceiling height decreased

New Units now available:

Patch News (Updated 7/25)]
  • Item Capsule Machine 1 and 2 removed.
Balance Changes
Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 7/25)
  • Server Fix:
    • Megaphone issue has been resolved and working correctly now
    • PvP Room names can support up to 20 characters
  • Text Fixes:
    • BB Senshi Units Have been Renamed

Wiki News

  • September 7th, 2014: I would like to ask all users that after adding units to a category, such as a rank or a faction, to perform a null edit. Just click edit and save the page without making any changes. Other than that, a list of units by fighter type might be a thing in the future.
--Blankbro (talk) 11:43, 7 September 2014 (CDT)

Featured Screenshot/Image

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How is your mr.johnson now?

Featured Media

Shoot Everything, Kill Everyone, Practice Invading Earth: featuring Gafran.

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