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Game News

New Units to be released (Updated 8/20):

Patch News (Updated 8/20)
  • New Unit Skill - Dual Ignition (Acguy/Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom)): When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's damage, defense, and mobility are increased. Acguy mode reload rates are increased and Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom) mode attack speed is increased.
  • New Unit Skill - Dual Ignition (Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom)/Acguy): When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's damage, defense, and mobility are increased. Z'Gok Commander (Char Custom) mode attack speed is increased and Acguy mode reload rates are increased.
  • New Unit Skill - Mirage Colloid System: When the unit's health drops below 35% the unit's defense is decreased. The unit is also fully cloaked when standing still, partially cloaked when walking, and not cloaked when boosting.
  • New Unit Skill - NT-D (Full Armor Unicorn): Unit's movement speed and search distance are increased. The unit also redirects nearby enemy funnels to attack their original users.
  • New Unit Skill - Range Up: The unit's search distance and weapon range are increased.
  • New Unit Plans - Perfect Strike Gundam, Rig Contio, and Victory 2 Gundam.
  • New Capsule Machine - 78
Event News (Updated 4/12)

Gold, silver, and bronze capsule event

  • Open different tiers of capsules to
  • Available in gold capsules
  • Available in silver capsules
    • Hildolfr 3 slot at level 1
    • 2-4 Hildolfr coupons
  • Available in bronze capsules
    • 1-3 Hildolfr Coupons
    • 1x 1000 exp item (empty)
Balance Changes (Updated 8/20)

Skill Changes

  • Hyper Mode EX: Booster recovery rate and capacity decreased and the combined defense effect has been removed.

Unit Changes

  • God Gundam + Fuunsaiki and Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki: Hyper Mode booster capacity decreased.
  • Masurao
    • Unit's attack decreased and defense increased.
    • Melee Dash Combo bullet zero effect removed.
  • Enhanced ZZ Gundam
    • Hyper Beam Saber attack speed decreased and effects changed.
    • Missile Launcher attack speed, ammo, and reload rate decreased.
    • Double Beam Rifle (High Output) attack speed and reload rate decreased.
  • Gundam Epyon: MA Mode Special changed from Melee to Dash Special.
  • Hyaku Shiki Kai
    • Mode 1 weapon 2 damage and attack speed increased.
    • Mode 2 weapon 2 weapon type changed from medium to long-range. Damage, range, and hitbox size increased. Reload rate, ammo, and attack speed decreased. Now has beam penetration. Beam trajectory modified.
  • Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai
    • Beam Sabers: Can hit up to 5 times.
    • Long Mega Buster: Range increased.
  • Dreadnought Gundam and X Astray: Weapon 1 range and forward striking range increased. Effects changed. Weapon 3 reload rate increased.
  • GM II (AEUG):
  • GM II (Titans):
    • Weapon 1 attack speed and forward distance increased, animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 3 changed to Melee Combo from Vulcans
  • GM Cannon and GM Cannon (CU): Skill Defense Up changed to Special Attack Awakening.
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased and animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 2 range increased.
  • Rising Gundam
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased, animation adjusted.
    • Weapon 3 changed to Beam Bow (High Output) from Vulcans.
  • R-Jarja
    • Weapon 1 forward distance increased.
    • Weapon 3 forward distance and reload rate increased and damage decreased.
  • Astray Blue Frame Second L: Skill Auto-Lockon Jammer changed to Mobility Up

From 7/23

  • ZnO
    • Skill 2 changed to Latent Potential from Defense Up.
Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 4/23)

New Units now available:

Patch News (Updated 7/25)]
  • Item Capsule Machine 1 and 2 removed.
Balance Changes
Bug Fixes/Other Changes (Updated 7/25)
  • Server Fix:
    • Megaphone issue has been resolved and working correctly now
    • PvP Room names can support up to 20 characters
  • Text Fixes:
    • BB Senshi Units Have been Renamed

Wiki News

  • July 14th, 2013: Work on the new unit page layout has been completed and will be what we're going to use from here on out for new unit releases. For older units, we'll gradually convert them to the new format accordingly. Take a look, on the Freedom Gundam (HiMAT Burst Mode) page!
--ShanaMia (talk) 01:52, 15 July 2013 (CDT)

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Shoot Everything, Kill Everyone, Practice Invading Earth: featuring Gafran.

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