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Unit a gundam exia.png Unit Number 0359
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking
Shield Yes
Video N/A
Fighter Type Close-range
Faction 1 Celestial Being
Faction 2
Capsule Machine Custom Capsule Machine Mix Plans
in Shop
CH 39, 51 N/A No N/A
HK 39, 51 N/A No N/A
KR 39, 51 No No No
NA 39, 51 Yes No No
SEA 39, 51 N/A No N/A
TW 39, 51 N/A No N/A
Weapon Types
Weapon 1

Damage melee.gifClose-range AttackThis weapon does close-range damage.

Weapon katana.gif GN Sword: Sword Mode
Ammo N/A Melee Range Standard 5 hits to knockdown.
Slight AoE in front of unit.
Reload Rate N/A Reload Type N/A
Weapon 2

Damage beam mid.gifMedium-range Beam AttackThis weapon does medium-range beam damage.

Weapon beam rifle.gif GN Sword: Rifle Mode
Ammo 11 Range Medium None.
Reload Rate Long Reload Type Gradual
Weapon 3

Damage shell mid.gifMedium-range Ballistic AttackThis weapon does medium-range ballistic damage.

Weapon boomerang.gif GN Beam Daggers
Ammo 1 Range Medium Double shot.
Inflicts Slow ailment.
Reload Rate Fast Reload Type Magazine
Skill 1 Skill 2 Special Attack

Skill art of fighting.gifArt of Fighting: Mobile SuitThe unit's melee attacks have a high chance to critical hit for low additional damage.
Art of Fighting:
Mobile Suit

Skill trans-am.gifTrans-AM (Exia)When the unit's health drops below 60%, the unit's attack, movement speed, boost speed, and agility are increased.
Trans-AM (Exia)

Skill special attack melee.gifSpecial Attack (Melee)This unit can execute a close-range special attack capable of hitting one target.
Special Attack (Melee)

Used/involved as part in:
Mixed From:
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